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At John E. Smith & Associates, we believe that everyone who comes to our law firm deserves to enjoy a debt free tomorrow. Through a successful bankruptcy filing, it is possible. However, you need to move forward with the right steps, or else your bankruptcy might be less helpful and more problematic. This is where our law firm’s 35+ years of bankruptcy law experience really shines.

There are a few types of bankruptcy that might work for you:

  • Chapter 7: A form of bankruptcy that may discharge large amounts of debt, but can put some nonexempt property at risk.
  • Chapter 11: A form of bankruptcy used primarily by businesses and business owners that want to keep their doors open while they work through debt.
  • Chapter 12: A form of bankruptcy specifically reserved for farmers, fishermen, and others in similar professions.
  • Chapter 13: A form of bankruptcy that minimizes debt and reforms it into a workable repayment schedule.

It is our pleasure to sit down with our clients to discuss what sort of bankruptcy filing would be best for their situation. Everyone is unique, as are their finances and the reasons they have fallen into debt. To give you the best possible legal representation and guidance for your bankruptcy, we are dedicated to providing truly personalized, one-of-a-kind solutions, not cookie-cutter options.

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What are the Benefits of Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is often propped up as an intimidating, negative circumstance in the media. The truth is bankruptcy is actually a great benefit for most people who file for it when it is done correctly. All of the consequences of bankruptcy you have seen in movies — like losing the family home or being hounded for many years afterwards by debt collectors — are greatly exaggerated, if not completely fabricated.

When you file for bankruptcy, you will likely enjoy the following benefits:

  • Debt discharge: The most obvious benefit of bankruptcy is discharging your unsecured debt, freeing up your finances to better save for the future. Not all debt can be discharged, though. Our League City bankruptcy attorney will take the time to explain what portion of your debt is discharged so there are no surprises after your bankruptcy concludes.
  • Property protection: Many states, including Texas, allow you to protect certain pieces of your personal property from collections or the consequences of bankruptcy through either state or federal bankruptcy exemptions. You may be able to keep much more than you think after your bankruptcy concludes thanks to these exemption lists. We’ll help you choose whether state or federal would be best for you.
  • Automatic stay: When you file for a bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court will create an automatic stay in your name. The automatic stay prevents creditors from accessing your financial accounts, which means no more wage garnishments and similar collection methods. It will also prohibit creditors from contacting you at all during your bankruptcy process. If they do contact you after an automatic stay has been made, let our attorneys know, and we can help you stand up for your rights and hold them accountable for professional wrongdoing.
  • Credit rebuilding: There is nothing that guarantees a bankruptcy filing will destroy your credit score. In many cases, the damage done to your credit score can be undone with careful financial planning and spending. During your bankruptcy, it is one of our goals to help you better understand how your debt occurred in the first place so you can avoid future debts, which ties into credit rebuilding.
  • Peace of mind: Of course, you should not overlook the massive benefit of finding peace of mind through a bankruptcy filing. Letting debt build and build only makes things worse and surely robs you of sleep. Knowing you have started seeking a solution of any kind will be a huge weight off your chest.

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